Competitive Advantage


LipoCoat offers multi-purpose solutions with many beneficial effects. Most coatings are single purpose, whereas LipoCoat can combine several properties into one coating.

The coating imitates the phospholipid bilayer that surrounds every cell in our body. As such, it is highly biocompatible and does not elicit an inflammatory response.

IThe anti-fouling property is passive; bacteria and proteins simply cannot attach to the surface. This as opposed to most anti-microbial coatings which actively kill bacteria with toxic releases. 

Some coatings are prone to flaking- an undesirable effect whereby the coating detaches from the surface, a potential health threat. LipoCoat does not have this disadvantage, moreover it constitutes organic-friendly lipid molecules which can do no harm.

The coating is non-covalently attached to the substrate. Although the coating does not require a curing step, it may- depending on the application, require some surface pre-treatment to provide it with a charge. This can be achieved with oxygen plasma or chemical priming. Subsequently the coating is easily applied by means of ‘dip-coating’; the self-assembly property ensures an evenly spread, 5nm thin layer.


MPC Monomer

The MPC monomer, developed in Japan is a phosphorylcholine group-based coating solution that resembles LipoCoat. There are, however, important differences to note. LipoCoat is an extremely thin coating that enables a high measure of tuning. Features can be tailored to the customer needs within the same platform.


Fig. mpc monomer