Below you find news articles about the LipoCoat developments through the years.


600.000 euro funding for Dutch biotech coating startup

LipoCoat BV, a spin-off from the MESA+ nanotechnology institute from the University of Twente, gathered nearly 600.000 euro funding.

This milestone was reached with grants from the government, a loan from Redmedtech Ventures and recent investments from LLX2 Investments and an informal investor. LipoCoat develops coatings for the medical industry.


LipoCoat BV has developed an innovative coating inspired by nature. The LipoCoatTMcoatings are biocompatible and provide unprecedented resistance towards pollution of proteins, bacteria and even human cells.  LipoCoat BV is developing numerous coating formulations with anti-fouling, lubricious, and multi-functional properties as well as novel processing techniques. The properties of LipoCoat™ coatings can be tailored to meet customer requirements. In 2016 the company won the title ’Nanotech startup of the year’ and is currently running for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2017.  By the beginning of 2017 the company had expanded to 9 employees and future growth is foreseen.


As a result of the tunable properties of LipoCoatTM coatings, the coatings can be used on most (bio)materials, medical devices, diagnostic tools and on R&D devices. In the future, LipoCoat BV wants to explore opportunities in health, food and pharma. LipoCoat BV is currently co-developing with a multinational and is actively pursuing new opportunities. For the coming two years LipoCoat will carry out their research and production in the labs of the University of Twente.


With 600K in funding LipoCoat is able to finance initial product development, prepare market entry, and invest in R&D applications and customer relationships. LipoCoat has sufficient resources to last well within 2018. The goal is to attract 2 million in series A funding in 2018. A road show to Boston-USA and Silicon Valley is already planned for the Fall of 2017.

Source: University of Twente

LipoCoat Celebrated MicroNano Start-Up of the Year 2016

The highly promising company LipoCoat, from the Eastern Netherland’s city of Enschede won the second edition of the MicroNano Start-Up of the Year contest. At the closure of the two day International MicroNano Conference in Amsterdam LipoCoat’s Director of Business Development, Raoul Oostenbrink- received the award from Ronny van ’t Oever, president of the organising MinacNed. The jury of seven experts from a number of countries characterized the winning pitch with the words “A Firm Business Case, Good Market Chances and Solving a Problem of Today”.

Source: MinacNed
Micronano start-up of the year

LipoCoat BV officially founded

The University of Twente startup LipoCoat BV develops unique coatings for e.g. medical devices. The coatings are designed to improve performance, safety and comfort of medical devices but can also be used in, for example, R&D applications. By founding LipoCoat BV, the next steps can be taken towards market entry. Photo: Left; Prof. Pascal Jonkheijm, co-founder and R&D advisor LipoCoat BV Middle; Jasper van Weerd, founder and managing director LipoCoat BV Right; Prof. Marcel Karperien, co-founder and R&D advisor LipoCoat BV.

LipoCoat officially founded

LipoCoat awarded NanoNextNL valorization grant

Contactlenzen die irriteren, veel gebruikers weten er alles van. Het Enschedese bedrijf LipoCoat, een spin off van de Universiteit Twente, brengt verlossing met een extreem dunne en vuilafstotende coating. Om het prototype lens met zo’n irritatievoorkomend laagje door te ontwikkelen en een dragersonderzoek voor te bereiden krijgt LipoCoat nu 93.000 euro van NanoNextNL.

Source: De Ondernemer
NanoNextNL valorization grant

News item MESA+ Nanolab and LipoCoat

Het NanoLab van de Universiteit Twente bestaat vijf jaar. In 2010 kwam Koning Willem Alexander – destijds nog Prins – speciaal naar Enschede voor de opening van het grootste onderzoekslab voor nanotechnologie in Nederland.

In die vijf jaar is een hoop onderzoek gedaan en er is veel bereikt. Enkele feiten op een rij:

120.000 uur onderzoek

In vijf jaar tijd zijn er maar liefst 120.000 uren onderzoek verricht in de extreem schone omgeving van de cleanroom. Dat leverde ruim tweeduizend publicaties op. Opvallend veel van deze publicaties verschenen in wetenschappelijke toptijdschriften als Nature en Science.

Vijf kilogram goud verdampt

In het NanoLab zijn ze onder meer gespecialiseerd in het creëren van extreem dunne laagjes van slechts één atoomlaag dik. Hierbij wordt een materiaal, zoals goud, verdampt en slaat het als een dun laagje neer op een ondergrond. Door verschillende dunne laagjes op elkaar te stapelen kun je compleet nieuwe materialen creëren met eigenschappen die niet eerder zijn waargenomen. In vijf jaar tijd is er maar liefst vijf kilo goud verdampt. Dat komt overeen met een laag bladgoud (100 nanometer dik) ter grootte van een tweebaansweg van 3,5 kilometer lang.

29 patenten

In vijf jaar tijd zijn maar liefst 29 patenten aangevraagd voor vindingen van het NanoLab. Daarnaast zijn er veel spin-offbedrijven ontstaan. Eén van die bedrijven is LipoCoat. Jasper van Weerd heeft een zeer dun laagje voor op contactlenzen gecreëerd, waardoor de ogen vochtig blijven. De lenzen blijven daardoor schoner en de ogen worden minder droog.

Source: RTV Oost

LipoCoat awarded NanoLabNL voucher

NanoLabNL, the cooperative consortium of research institutes in the field of nanotechnology infrastructure, presented ten vouchers to new industrial users of our NanoLabNL facilities. The vouchers, worth € 7,500 each, entitle holders to 50 – 75 hours of independent use of the facilities (including training) and/or related advice. The vouchers are intended for industrial parties such as start-ups and young companies that are building up a business based on research results. These vouchers allow companies to acquaint themselves with our research facilities in an accessible way, and are a way for us to stimulate commercial activity in this field.

Source: Utoday
NanoLabNL voucher

First investment Dutch Student Investment Fund

The University of Twente and Saxion university of applied science have launched the Dutch Student Investment Fund. At the opening ceremony today, Neelie Kroes – Special Envoy at StartUp Delta – and Jasper Driessens – interim director of the Fund – handed a symbolic money case to Jasper van Weerd, founder of LipoCoat. LipoCoat is the first start-up to receive an investment from the fund.

Awarded by Neelie Kroes and Jasper Driessens.

Source: UT Twente
Awarded by Neelie Kroes and Jasper Driessens.

Jasper wins NanoNextNL Dragons Den ’15

During the NanoNextNL Dragons Den, Jasper van Weerd (LipoCoat BV) won both the audience and jury award for best pitch and business propositions.

Source: NanoNextNL
Jury award by Maria C. van der Sluijs-Plantz.