Press Release: Heraeus Medevio announces partnership with LipoCoat for the application of bio-mimicking coating technology to medical devices

Heraeus Medevio announces partnership with LipoCoat for the application of bio-mimicking coating technology to medical devices

Saint Paul (USA) / Enschede (NL), January 11th, 2023 — LipoCoat, a Dutch biotech company that develops biomimetic coatings, and Heraeus Medevio, a world-class medical device design, development, and manufacturing company, today announced a collaboration agreement to enable LipoCoat’s Innovative coating technology to be integrated into products developed by Heraeus Medevio.

LipoCoat, a spin-off from the University of Twente (NL), develops biomimetic coatings for medical devices to improve safety, comfort, and performance. LipoCoat is a breakthrough technology backed by years of scientific research from the nanotechnology center, MESA+. The lipid-inspired coating mimics the natural cell membrane and has been shown to significantly improve wettability and lubricity. It also reduces the risk of infection by minimizing deposits of proteins and the attachment of various pathogens. Heraeus Medevio recognized the benefits such a coating could offer patients.  Accordingly, this agreement establishes a framework within which future development efforts can operate to offer this technology to medical device OEMs.

“With our vision of improving 100 million lives every year, Heraeus Medevio is proud to partner with innovative companies, like LipoCoat, to offer top-tier safety and quality products to our medical device customers,” said Ryan Peters, Senior Vice President, R&D for Heraeus Medevio. “We are excited to develop and introduce new products with this technology.”

“We are very proud to continue our work with Heraeus Medevio,” said Jasper van Weerd, CEO of LipoCoat. “Together, we can develop and offer medical devices that provide patients a high level of safety and comfort. We are grateful for the opportunity Heraeus provided and their trust in LipoCoat. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

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About LipoCoat
LipoCoat BV is a Dutch biotech company specializing in ‘bio-inspired’ coatings that improve the safety, comfort, and performance of medical devices with a focus on health and nutrition. Their pipeline consists of the discovery and (pre-) clinical programs in the medical device and drug discovery space. Their ambition is to become a leading biotech company dedicated to improving health and well-being through the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel surface solutions. Learn more about LipoCoat online at



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