Bio-inspired coatings for health care
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LipoCoat is a startup company of the University of Twente. Our revolutionary coating technology will make any biomaterial surface non-fouling and resistant towards surface pollution of micro-organisms. Using LipoCoat will increase the performance, comfort and safety of your medical device.

Our Partners

LipoCoat’s ecosystem consists of numerous partners that support LipoCoat to bring it to the next level and introduce the next generation of biomaterial coatings to the market.


02-2016LipoCoat awarded NanoNextNL valorization grant

Contactlenzen die irriteren, veel gebruikers weten er alles van. Het Enschedese bedrijf LipoCoat, een spin off van de Universiteit Twente, brengt verlossing met een extreem dunne en vuilafstotende coating. Om het prototype lens met zo’n irritatievoorkomend laagje door te ontwikkelen en een dragersonderzoek voor te bereiden krijgt LipoCoat nu 93.000 euro van NanoNextNL.


News item MESA+ Nanolab and LipoCoat

Het NanoLab van de Universiteit Twente bestaat vijf jaar. In 2010 kwam Koning Willem Alexander - destijds nog Prins - speciaal naar Enschede voor de opening van het grootste onderzoekslab voor nanotechnologie in Nederland, met aandacht voor LipoCoat.


About us

Jasper van Weerd (Founder, managing director)

Jasper developed the LipoCoat technology during his PhD at the University of Twente. After finishing his PhD, he quickly founded LipoCoat to explore the full potential of the technology. Apart from his scientific background in chemistry and biology, his business development skills helped him in identifying new product-market-combinations for LipoCoat. Jasper’s mission is to improve the well-being of medical device users such as contact lens wearers by providing unprecedented performance, comfort &safety. The patented LipoCoat technology will revolutionize biomaterial coatings.

Pascal Jonkheijm (R&D advisory board)

Pascal Jonkheijm is professor of Bioinspired Molecular Engineering at the University of Twente. Pascal's interests lie in dynamic chemical strategies to understand, to direct and to manipulate cellular processes by the use smart biomaterials. Pascal has a keen understanding of surface chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and synthetic biology.

Marcel Karperien (R&D advisory board)

Marcel Karperien is professor of Developmental BioEngineering University of Twente. Marcel's work is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, combining polymer chemistry and biomaterial processing, particularly in hydrogel formation, with tissue engineering, controlled drug delivery, animal experimentation, medicine and developmental biology of bone and cartilage. Marcel is co-founder of Percuros BV. Percuros BV and founder of Hy2Care.

Ir. Alain le Loux MBA (Business advisor)

Alain is a serial entrepreneur and business accelerator for Kennispark Twente since 2011. He is actively involved in early business development of LipoCoat.

Dr. Milou Groot Nibbelink (R&D scientist/product development)

Milou is a skilled researcher with drive to explore all the clinical applications of LipoCoat. She is currently working on the NanoNextNL valorization grant for LipoCoat contact lenses.

Experienced senior

We are actively scouting to expand our management team with an experienced senior that has know-how of the medical device market, is an entrepreneur and can close deals.


In virtually all applications were bodily fluids or living cells and tissue are brought into contact with man-made materials unwanted (side) effects are observed, often attributed to surface fouling. The LipoCoat technology consists of a bio-inspired coating that is able to resist fouling of proteins, cells and micro-organisms. Our patented technology allows us to apply our coating on a wide range of biomaterials. The LipoCoat coatings are well-hydrated, consist of naturally occurring molecules and form a thin layer that is only several nanometers thick.

LipoCoat and contact lenses

Although contact lens wear has been improved with e.g. lens materials allowing high oxygen transport and improved fit, a lot of contact lens wearers still experience discomfort. Discomfort can relate to having dry eyes, irritated eyes and even infections. When wearing contact lenses, the natural protection of the eye is disrupted. In addition, the lens gets polluted quickly with proteins and even bacteria. For more than half of the contact lens users this results in complications & discomfort.

LipoCoat provides a natural coating of the contact lens surface, similar to what is found on the cornea provided by the tear film. The LipoCoat technology prevents fouling of the lens surface with lipids and proteins while helping to maintain hydration of the eye. LipoCoat wants to enable prolonged and comfortable wear of contact lenses. We want to provide solutions for both rigid gas permeable contact lenses (RGP and GP) and soft disposable lenses such as silicon hydrogel (SiHy).

Contact us

LipoCoat B.V.

  • Post:
  • PO Box 217
  • 7500 AE Enschede
  • The Netherlands
  • Visiting address:
  • CR.4211, Carré building
  • University of Twente
  • Drienerlolaan 5
  • 7522 NB Enschede
  • The Netherlands
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