Bio-inspired coatings for health care
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LipoCoat is a startup company of the University of Twente. Our revolutionary coating technology will make any (bio)material surface non-thrombogenic, non-fouling and resistant towards surface pollution of micro-organisms and proteins. The use of LipoCoat coatings can increase the performance, comfort and safety of your medical device or enhance research applications. In addition, we provide a service to tailor coating properties and functionality to meet your demand.

Our Partners

LipoCoat’s ecosystem consists of numerous partners that support LipoCoat to bring it to the next level and introduce the next generation of surface coatings to the market.


LipoCoat Celebrated MicroNano Start-Up of the Year 2016

The highly promising company LipoCoat, from the Eastern Netherland’s city of Enschede won the second edition of the MicroNano Start-Up of the Year contest. At the closure of the two day International MicroNano Conference in Amsterdam LipoCoat’s Director of Business Development, Raoul Oostenbrink- received the award from Ronny van ’t Oever, president of the organising MinacNed. The jury of seven experts from a number of countries characterized the winning pitch with the words “A Firm Business Case, Good Market Chances and Solving a Problem of Today”.


09-2016LipoCoat officially founded

The University of Twente startup LipoCoat BV develops unique coatings for e.g. medical devices. The coatings are designed to improve performance, safety and comfort of medical devices but can also be used in, for example, R&D applications. By founding LipoCoat BV, the next steps can be taken towards market entry. Photo: Left; Prof. Pascal Jonkheijm, co-founder and R&D advisor LipoCoat BV Middle; Jasper van Weerd, founder and managing director LipoCoat BV Right; Prof. Marcel Karperien, co-founder and R&D advisor LipoCoat BV.

About us

Jasper van Weerd Ph.D(Managing director)

Jasper van Weerd is Managing Director of LipoCoat BV and developed the LipoCoat technology during his PhD at the University of Twente. After his PhD, he founded LipoCoat BV to explore the full potential of the technology. Jasper’s mission is to improve performance, comfort & safety of medical devices and R&D tools by continuously stimulating new developments, new applications and innovative coating formulations to suit customer needs.

Raoul A. Oostenbrink MSc (Director of Business Development)

Raoul Oostenbrink is Director of Business Development at LipoCoat BV. Raoul previously worked as VP of marketing & sales at CD Leycom (Teleflex) and managed business development for TNO and the NanoNextNL programme. Raoul’s has a broad international experience in the areas of Sales and Business Development. As part of LipoCoat BV, Raoul is responsible for strategic management, sales & marketing.

Alain le Loux MSc MBA (Director of Finance)

Alain le Loux is Head of Finance at LipoCoat BV. After a career at PinkRoccade and Getronics, Alain was successful as CEO of Virobuster and, since 2002, is a startup & CEO coach and has coached more than 200 startups in Europe. He serves as a part-time business developer at Kennispark Twente. Alain has a track record of making startups a success. As part of LipoCoat, Alain is responsible for finance and LipoCoat’s funding strategy.

Milou ten Hove Ph.D (R&D and QA)

Milou ten Hove heads R&D and QA at LipoCoat BV. Milou has a technical medicine background and has worked as a researcher at the Diabetes Research Institute USA, Case Wester Reserve University USA, UMC Radboud, UMC Utrecht and University of Twente. Milou thrives at the interface between the clinic and novel biomedical applications. As part of LipoCoat, Milou oversees LipoCoat R&D and is responsible for quality assurance.

Prof. Pascal Jonkheijm (R&D advisor)

Pascal Jonkheijm is a R&D advisor of LipoCoat BV and a professor of Bioinspired Molecular Engineering at the University of Twente. Pascal's interests lie in dynamic chemical strategies to understand, to direct and to manipulate cellular processes by the use of smart biomaterials. Pascal has a keen understanding of surface chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and synthetic biology. Pascal helps to develop new chemical strategies for LipoCoat BV.

Prof. Marcel Karperien (R&D advisor)

Marcel Karperien is a R&D advisor of LipoCoat BV and a professor of Developmental BioEngineering at the University of Twente. Marcel's work is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach, combining e.g. polymer chemistry with tissue engineering. Marcel’s work has led to the creation of Percuros BV and Hy2Care. Marcel’s expertise in biology, medical devices and biomaterials contributes to LipoCoat’s streamlined medical application development.

Charline Kuipers (junior R&D)

Charline Kuipers is a junior R&D employee at LipoCoat BV from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Charline is studying Biology and Medical Laboratory Research and is working on in vivo evaluation LipoCoat coatings on biomaterials.

Tanja Maarse (junior R&D)

Tanja Maarse is a junior R&D employee at LipoCoat BV from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Tanja is studying Biology and Medical Laboratory Research and will continue working on prototype development of new LipoCoat coatings for exotic medical devices.

Jonathan Stek (junior R&D)

Jonathan Stek is a junior R&D employee at LipoCoat BV from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Jonathan is studying Chemistry and will work on new coating formulations and processing techniques.

Eva Huiskes and Nanke Broek (Front office)

LipoCoat’s front office is managed by Eva Huiskens and Nanke Broek.


In virtually all applications where biological material such as bodily fluids, living cells or tissue are brought into contact with man-made materials unwanted (side) effects are observed. These are often attributed to surface fouling of the material. The LipoCoat technology consists of a bio-inspired coating that is able to resist fouling of proteins, cells and micro-organisms. Our proprietary coating technology can be applied on a wide range of (bio)materials in a wide range of applications such as medical, R&D, food, dairy and (micro)fluidics. The LipoCoat coatings are well-hydrated, can regenerate, consist of naturally occurring molecules and is only several nanometers thick.

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