LipoCoat: The technology

In nature, the cell membrane, more specifically the phospholipid bilayer, serves as a universal interface between distinct chemical environments. These membranes shield the inside of the cell by regulating the passage of molecules and proteins. 

LipoCoat is a bio-inspired coating technology of 5 nanometers thick. By mimicking the natural cell membrane consisting of a phospholipid bilayer, biocompatible and high-performance medical device coatings can be prepared. LipoCoat has developed multiple proprietary coatings to exploit these properties and have assembled a toolbox of various base molecules and gathered the know-how to tailor coating composition and architecture to meet application needs. As such, LipoCoat is a membrane-mimetic coating with regenerative properties, anti-fouling, wetting and lubricous properties that are introduced by chemical control of the interface composition. 

The coating is non-covalently attached to the substrate. The coating does not require a curing step But may require a surface pre-treatment step before the coating can be applied.  This can be achieved with oxygen plasma or chemical priming. Subsequently the coating is easily applied by means of ‘dip-coating’; the self-assembly property ensures an evenly spread, 5nm thin layer.