The technology


LipoCoat is a bio-inspired coating technology of just 5 nanometres thick. By mimicking the natural cell membrane consisting of a phospholipid bilayer, biocompatible and high performance medical device coatings can be prepared.

In nature, the cell membrane, more specifically the phospholipid bilayer, serves as a universal interface between distinct chemical environments. These structures are shared amongst all living cells and shield the inside of the cell from its sometimes-harsh environment. Phospholipid bilayers also regulate the passage of molecules and proteins into and out of the cell essentially acting as a biological ‘customs border’.

In essence, it is a highly dynamic, fluid layer whose functions can be altered by the integration of other proteins, fats and molecules. The result is an adaptable biological system that can be customized to individual environments facilitating complex functions necessary for multi-organ beings.

For example, if physical flexibility is a requirement, extra cholesterol inserted into the bilayer can enhance fluidity and proteins can be incorporated to facilitate specific functions. Hence, LipoCoat mimics the lipid bilayer, retaining its dynamicity. This property enhances coating-stability through the process of regeneration. Small defects such as scratches regenerate spontaneously because molecules reorganize to fill in the gaps.

LipoCoat have developed multiple proprietary coatings to exploit these properties and have assembled a toolbox of various base molecules and gathered the know-how to tailor coating composition and architecture to meet application needs. As such, LipoCoat is a membrane-mimetic coating with anti-fouling, wetting and lubricous properties that are introduced by chemical control of the interface composition.


  • Improve wetting
  • Tailor lubricity
  • Regeneration
  • Custom chemistry


  • Bacteria
  • Proteins
  • Cells
  • Similar organics

Bio compatible

  • No toxity
  • ISO 10993
  • Non-thrombogenic
  • Safe by design


  • Dip coating
  • Self-assembly
  • No flaking
  • No leaching


  • Low cost
  • Universal
  • Scalable
  • Non-animal based